Industree’s 3rd Social Audit Certification

Industree received its 3rd Social Audit Certification for Mother Earth and Industree Foundation on 19th April 2013. The social audit was a 6 month long process of identifying the remarkable work that the company has done for the cause of sustainable livelihoods for Indian artisans. Two separate audits were conducted by the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM) and documented by Industree members Anupama Kumar and Poonam Golani for Mother Earth and Industree Foundation respectively under the continuous support and guidance of our Managing Director Ms. Neelam Chhiber.

The purpose of the audit was to study in detail and certify that every function of the company is ultimately aimed at achieving its social mission which is – “To enhance and create secure artisanal livelihoods through socially, economically and environmentally sustainable production”

Mission, Values, Objectives and Activities

Keeping in mind the concerns raised in last year’s Social Accounts, there has been a change in the framing of the MVOA. The mission statement and objectives have been modified to incorporate improvements that were to be made, more activities have been added to reach the objectives listed. There has been fresh brain storming on the values that MOTHER EARTH stands for.

Objective 1: To strengthen the domestic and global market for Indian artisanal producers
Objective 2: To assist artisans with production and market access
Objective 3: To build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable production

Mother Earth Achievements:

  1. Women traditionally are the producers involved in the production, and MOTHER EARTH has helped to increase the value of this work through design innovation and the reduction of drudgery.
  2. Maintaining flow of purchases from artisans by stabilizing the demand for artisanal products
  3. Providing artisans with access to social and health security.
  4. Tripling incomes of marginal artisans by moving them from being “piece rate workers‟ to owners and entrepreneurs of community enterprises
  5. Working both at the production and market ends of complex supply chains to help artisans living below the poverty line to participate in India’s booming retail industry.