Industree Foundation

industree Foundation (IF)

Industree Foundation (IF) the non-profit wing and works on building up the production base, enabling artisans to become owners of their enterprises. Industree Crafts Private Limited (ICPL) is the ‘for profit’ design, distribution, retail and export wing. The two collaborate to make Industree commercially viable, self-sustainable and market oriented to ensure the success of their social mission of providing market for traditional crafts and supporting livelihoods. IF is now exploring building livelihood for artisans based on micro-finance institutions, which would assist groups of artisans with micro loans to be used as capital for production of goods that Industree will market.

Industree Foundation was set up in the year 2000 to work with rural producers on developing design, technical and skill initiatives in the natural fibre sector. The pioneering work focused on creating considerable value addition for agricultural by-products and other natural fibres in terms of product diversification, design, simplification of labour and time intensive process. The materials innovated upon were Banana bark and stem, Corn husk, River grass, Palm leaf, Screw pine, Date palm, Sabai grass, Munj grass, Seetal patti, Wheat skin, Pine apple fibre etc in the farm based sector and naturally growing Sisal, Bamboo, River Grass, Water hyacinth etc.

IF is involved in advocacy with the Government and does significant work with Non Government Organisations. IF is also currently working on the formation of a Natural Fibre Forum – India.